Our Vision

Katoomba Theatre Company’s Constitution states our objectives (in part) as these:

  1. To encourage and promote interest in the Arts in the Blue Mountains community;
  2. To encourage, foster, support and promote the advancement of dramatic arts education and training for the benefit of the community of the Blue Mountains;
  3. To encourage, develop and produce stage works of the highest artistic standard for the community of the Blue Mountains, and potentially tour these works beyond;
  4. To bring profesional actors, writers and other theatre and arts professionals of the Blue Mountains into a performing ensemble, aspiring to the highest standard of excellence;
  5. To foster Australian writing, especially new works, with an aspirational goal of 50% Australian works produced;
  6. To provide opportunities for young and new writers, actors and other theatre professionals to gain experience and expertise in theatre and performing arts.

We foresee an even busier program for the Company as more and more in the local community come to recognise the enormous impact a theatre can have both culturally and economically. Indeed, before very long, many will marvel that Katoomba was without a theatre for so many decades.

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