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Welcome to our Katoomba Theatre Company website. Our not-for-profit company grew from humble beginnings, and we would like to offer our sincere thanks to all those who have helped and joined in along the way – those who volunteered, supported, donated, encouraged, and who have come along to our many public events and danced, sung, laughed clapped, acted, and asked for more.

Katoomba Theatre Co Ltd has always actively engaged with the community of the Blue Mountains, towards our goal of bringing theatre and performance of the highest standard to our region. In our first year we staged 23 public events, attended by more than 3000 people – children, young people, adults and senior citizens.

This year we are launching our Education Program and our long awaited Youth Theatre, created especially for the young people of this talented community. KTC’s Education Program will employ brilliant and dedicated teachers with national and international qualifications and reputations. KTC will have quality education courses at all levels, and we are very fortunate to have them here and keen to impart their knowledge.  We also look forward to working with the Indigenous community, to share skills and expertise along the way. We ask you all to join with us and make this another year of progress and achievement for KTC and the community of the Blue Mountains.

Belle Buttrose, Company Manager
Katoomba Theatre Company Ltd – Not for Profit


Katoomba Theatre Company Limited was founded by Belle and Dr Larry Buttrose.

Astonished at the lack of a dedicated theatre venue in Katoomba, in mid 2011 Belle identified the library in Katoomba Street as a possible future venue. The building had been earmarked for conversion to a hall after the move to the new cultural centre in Katoomba in late 2012. Belle and Larry asked the Blue Mountains City Council to consider converting it to not just to a hall, but to a community theatre and events venue, suitable for multi-use access.

They put the case that the location on Katoomba Street, adjacent to the new cultural centre in the heart of the CBD, was an ideal location for a theatre venue, and would help create a new “Cultural Precinct”.

Their campaign received immediate support from the Katoomba Chamber of Commerce and community, and in early 2012 they received a sympathetic hearing from the then Mayor, Councillor Daniel Myles, who recognised the cultural, economic and tourism potential of the proposal. As well as this they received support from a large number of members of the community, including the local state Member of Parliment Roza Sage, and businessman Tom Colless OAM, Mark Jarvis and Michael Brischetto of The Carrington Hotel, and gained significant coverage  from the Blue Mountains Gazette.

In mid 2012 a group of actors, writers and other theatre workers who live in the Blue Mountains coalesced to form a company composed of professionals, with the hope of performing in the new venue.

The company name was registered in June 2012, and in September 2013 it was incorporated as Katoomba Theatre Company Limited, a not for profit company, with a founding board of eight.

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