Katoomba Theatre Company (KTC) was created with a vision to bring quality theatre and performance to the community of the Blue Mountains. Our goal is to establish the performing arts within the existing arts precinct of Katoomba and wider Blue Mountains and make it prosper and grow to its full potential.

Katoomba Theatre Company was founded in 2012 amid the public campaign initiated by Belle and Larry Buttrose for a theatre to be built in the old Library space in the middle of the Katoomba CBD.

It is our belief that theatre is essential to the social, cultural and public life of any community. It is where the community comes together to see, hear and consider, as one, how the greatest thinkers and writers have given dramatic voice to the human questions of the ages – social, political, philosophical and personal.

To date, the town of Katoomba has lacked both a venue and a company presenting work of the highest professional artistic standard.

Our goal is for a company that would draw upon the creative talents of the entire Blue Mountains community, in terms of performance, direction, design, lighting and sound, and all other aspects of theatre.

Youth and children will be special, to enjoy the excitement and thrill of creative performing arts experiences in their own community. We will also run classes, workshops and mount young people’s productions to introduce them to theatre, and help them gain skills and experience.

Alongside their lifelong friends, family and visitors, young people will come to expect that this is an essential, yet normal part of growing up, and not see it as a once a year special trip to the Sydney Opera House to “experience culture”.

It will also enhance their education, by sparking their creativity and fostering the development of life skills.

Seniors will also be beneficiaries, in not having to make the arduous journey to Sydney and back to see plays and shows.

Above all, KTC wishes to make work for the community as a whole, to entertain, enchant, and prompt thought, discussion and debate on issues both of the moment, and of eternal mystery.


KTC will create an annual season of its own theatre productions, starting with an anticipated 2 works in 2014, 3 in 2015, and reaching an annual target of 4 in 2016. The program will strike a balance between much loved classics and new works, and works for many age groups, from young children through to seniors.

As stated above, our Constitution stipulates an aspirational goal of 50% new Australian works for our own productions. Katoomba Theatre Company will work closely with Tourism to provide extra opportunities to the approximately 4 million tourists who visit Katoomba annually. We will develop specific daytime programming to appeal to domestic and international visitors, as well as evening shows to boost overnight stays with all the economic benefits that entails.

From late 2012-end 2013, KTC has hosted and produced 25 public events with a total attendance of approximately 3,200 people. Promotion and marketing was kept to a minimum cost, with online marketing via Facebook and webpage, printed posters, handbills, database mailouts, cultural enews BMCC, and word-of-mouth. The success of these events, all staged with minimal resources, demonstrates the demand for KTC’s productions.

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